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I'm Hamish,
nice to meet you.

I've come tried different industries throughout my work life, and while some are very different from others the one constant variable through them all is the human element.

I love to work with others, sharing ideas, information, and experiences and ultimately love being in an environment that supports growth for all involved.

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How I got started in user research

I've worked in different service industries over the years as a manager in hospitality and as a small business owner in health and fitness. During each career, I've loved the creative side of what I did and how that helped others I worked with.

I became interested in UX about 6 years ago and through my time as a small business owner, I was able to implement human centered design principles into a business model. After five years of creating content and building my own website for my PT business, I decided the next step was to further educate myself in user experience and transition over to a full time role.

What I've been working on 

What I'm curious about

At the moment I am udnertaking further continuing education through the Learn UI and Learn UX online coursers by Erik Kennedy, you can find his work on the LearnUI webiste.

I love human behaviour, evolution, and movement. During my time as a small business owner, I came across Robert Sapolsky. His lecture series from the 2011 biology course he taught at Stanford is available on Youtube and is one of my most watched series. He also published a book in 2019 called "Behave" which is another favourite.

Human biomechanics is another area I am deeply interested in. Having spent many years with back pain I sought to mentor amongst the industry leaders in the training world and now keep myself painfree with no assistance.

Contact me

Email me at: or call me at 0468475629

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