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Hamish grew up playing schoolboy rugby union, competing in the 1500m running event and skateboarding in his spare time

Through the pursuit of his love for skateboarding, Hamish encountered an extensive list of injuries to both bones and ligaments 

Through the repeated process of returning to play after each injury, Hamish was forced to learn how to rehabilitate injuries he sustained 

Hamish would later encounter acute chronic lower back pain. Like many Hamish relied upon manual therapy to help remedy his pain

The predicament Hamish faced was to always rely on a third party, or to seek to better understand his limitations

Hamish has undertaken a path rich in continuing education, this journey has enabled Hamish to now remain pain free whilst auto-regulating his own condition


Hamish's mission in health and fitness is to fill in the gaps with his clients, giving each and everyone a bespoke and individual experience unique to their goals, perspective, and preference

Being a patient and client before becoming a trainer, Hamish understands the frustration of being run through a system as a number in an algorithm


 Hamish continually seeks different training models, taking what he considers useful for his own practice

Hamish's drive to consistently challenge himself and his clients is so that he delivers the best possible product for his community

 Hamish believes the more he can understand his clients, the better the training experience will be for both client and trainer


From the first consultation, Hamish wants your experience to be unique and tailored to your individual goals and needs

The Why
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