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We’ve all heard the term “Mindset” by now and some of us have probably practiced mindfulness

in some way or another. But what does that mean in regards to training? Do you know how to

deal with the days where life feels like it is way harder than it has to be? Or what about when

you feel good,but your brain tells you to stop?

Understanding how your body works on the inside from a survival perspective will help us to

breakdown these walls and go further than we have gone before!

The easiest way to get past our barriers is to understand where we come from as a species. As

humans we are designed to outlast our predators and prey over an endurance paced scale.

Species that may be commonly referred to as “prey” will present themselves with their eyes on

the side of their head. While “predators” present with their eyes more centred. Prey species will

run until they have a heart attack when being persued, while predators will end pursuit to save

energy in the case of life or death.

What does that mean in training?

Simply when you are pushing yourself to the limit your brain will start to come up with all manner

of reasons for you to stop doing what you’re doing in order to “survive” another day. But, that is

not what will give us the result we are after. So, we need to be ready to go to dark places and 

work extremely hard throughout our training. When your brain says stop we have to be ready for

our body to say GO!!!

Very few people in the gym work to their full potential, which is parly why I have a job.

Remember if it was easy everybody would be doing it. This applies to all aspects of our training

experience. Your mind will try to trick you when it comes to nutrition, recovery, and pretty much

anything that is moving you away from what your perceived comfort zone is.

Being aware of what is happening when we are triggered will help us continually make the

decisions that we have identified in our “habits and processes” that will continually move us

toward our goals on a daily basis.

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