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In order to make progress and achieve tasks we set for ourselves we need to be in control of

our environment and our interactions within. This may sound fairly straight forward, but it is the

one thing that will continually drive outcomes be they favourable or unfavourable.

Habits are essentially processes we undertake to help us navigate through life. Underlining

everything we do on a daily basis is centred around survival wether we are aware of it or not

and even if our actions are destructive they come from a place that we think will benefit us.

When we look at processes we start to see a map of how we perceive our environment. For

example many of us will attest to “being starved” at some point in life due a large gap in meal

times for one reason or another, but we have never actually gone the required time period to

actually begin to “starve”.

To better understand what it is that we do on an individual basis day in and day out it is required

that we write out all our habits good and bad upon commencing training together. We will then

take stock of what will help us and what will not. Following that we will begin to identify anything

that is not included that will be required for us to achieve our current goals.

Once we have our habits planned out and we have identified what we need to drop we begin to

attach a new habit we wish to implement to a current habit we already do. For example, If I want

to begin to walk in the morning and I like to have a cup of tea when I wake up I will arrange my

walking shoes somewhere that I can see when I make my cup of tea. I will have my cup of tea

and then proceed with my walk. I will not undertake anything else that will get in the way before

my walk as it is not in the process I am creating as my morning ritual.

Week by week we will add a new habit, creating new processes, in-turn changing the

percentage of the favourable verses the unfavourable habits. When we have our favourable

habits and processes stacked so high in our favour success becomes easy. One of the biggest

takeaways I have learnt is that to do the right thing we do not need will power, but the

opportunity to make the harder decision the easier action.

Constant awareness and deliberate action are our best friends when it comes to establishing

behavioiurs that will consistently move us towards our goal

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