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Nutrition 1

There are many options when it comes to nutrition and you will hear opinions left, right, and

center about what is the “best” option. In reality, there is no “best” only effective. I strongly

believe that the simpler, the more effective. The less you need to think, the better. 

Below is the simple outline of  the bare essentials when it comes to developing healthy nutrition habits

As always we have options. To make the transition as seamless as possible for the first two weeks we will focus on 3 meals per day, with the option of adding a fourth if activity levels are extremely high

Within those meals, we need a minimum of 5 colours.


As an example, the following would fit that criterion:

chicken - white

Sweet potatoes - orange

Cabbage - Red/White or both

Capsicum - Red/Green/Yellow

Zucchini - Green

Once we have established a good eating habit throughout our week we then have the ability to begin to make changes if our goals require we do so

Below are a series of short presentations detailing the relevance of each category to your training identifying the why and the how when integrating each into your own practice

Macro Nutrients
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