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Within my application of exercise, I use the following protocols to help guide us both through the

session towards your goals. We will use different parts of the screen frequently along a witht the

session anatomy.


The movement screen we use consists of the following drills

- Toe touch, Squat (bodyweight), Seated rotation, Scratch test, Single-arm raise, Hip

Flexion, Single leg raise and Infrasternal Angle.

At this stage we will have already undergone our initial screen. The purpose of which is to

ensure we both understand any limitations we are working with and how to improve such

issues. Please be aware as humans we all have limitations and the screen is literally

information that will be used to gauge improvement on rather than a pass/fail scenario.

Training 1

Warm up

We will begin with something low level. It may be a floor based activity or a very low intensity

cardio activity. Essentially we need to take your body from where it has been for the majority of

the day and change the shapes internally so that you’re prepared for the coming bouts of


CNS Prep

Central Nervous System Preparation refers to activities, which are short in duration at a high

intensity. These range from med ball slams, assorted jumps, explosive activities and so on.

Basically anything that will increase the stiffness of your connective tissues at a very high rate

for a short amount of time


Strength training is where we take the gloves off and get to work. The previous sets have

prepared us for the carnage of the strength sets. Drills used here will range from machines to

free weights. Neither is good or bad, the selected modality will be the most effective to move

closer to our goals at that point of time.


Accessories will be similar to exercises selected earlier in the session in the sense that they will

be helping restore anything we may have lost during the strength phase. Just as we changed

the shape internally at the beginning of our session we will manipulate our accessories to help

restore any changes at the end of the session.

Principles Series

The principles series outlines the key criteria needed to demonstrate competency in each exercise. The ability to demonstrate competency allows us to accurately track and measure our training in the gym. This then increases our ability to make good decisions when progressing our training protocols. Below are short clips of each major movement pattern we will train in the gym

Side Lying
Side Plank
Hook lying
Split Squat
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