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The Contrast between Health and Performance

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Today we have access to more information than ever. If we understand how to read between the lines within a given context, we then have the ability to educate ourselves on topics previously limited to those who pay for modules on the topic in question. I mention this shift in continuing education as it is at present in respect the problems, which arise from such practices. Within every model we are presented is someone's personal perspective of what they believe to be best for their audience (this includes my point of view here too!).

Through the following text I will define the context of health and performance within my own training model. Understanding the need to balance health qualities against performance qualities when addressing goals regardless of what they may be is literally the difference between making progress or not.


Within my training model I view health modalities as variability tasks. All tasks that fall within this range go from low intensity high repetition weight training to aerobic work at no more than 60 percent heart rate to short holds and low box drops. The main focus within the health protocols will be to allow the client to develop "yielding" qualities. These modalities are always easy to recover from and should raise many or any alarms within someone whilst training. The mentality around these is that we could do them at the same pace for long periods of time without panic.


When discussing performance within we are talking about specific protocols to increase strength, power, velocity and size. Repetition ranges will vary, however the intensity of weight will range from 60 to 90 percent of the maximum. Movements are now programmed as explosive with adequate rest to ensure maximum power is demonstrated and aerobic training protocols are now anaerobic in nature. Yielding qualities are minimal and the shift moves towards overcoming actions as we move the needle into the "red zone".

So how does that effect your training?

Great question, what's your current goal?

If you are training to loose weight and feel better you will want to focus on health qualities such as aerobic activities and higher repetition resistance training. Using protocols such as these will allow you to recover quickly, training up to 6 days per week.


If you were training to increase power to then better your weekend 5km run time you will need to allocate a decent percentage to gaining strength and power over a 12 week period whilst not loosing any aerobic qualities.

Bottom line is that both health and performance are equally important when designing a program that represents a thought process rather than a template. The percentage of each element within someone's program aligns with their goals. The more we represent as a dial we turn up or turn down the better we will serve our clients and ourselves.

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