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Fashion model wearing a fluffy pink jacket, black t-shirt and white jeans.

 Deep research into current fashion and community trends of young women who want to share fashion choices with others online.

Rate My Outfit


There is not a safe, positive space in the current digital market that allows young women to openly share outfits with others without fear of toxic feedback

The Rate my outfit project is presented as a concept for an application that would allow users to share outfits with each other in real time with intention of providing positive and useful feedback to the user.

Further objectives of the project were to create a safe and positive space where the user would want to continually return to for the experience the app provided. Successfully meeting these objectives would provided the user a space in which they would be comfortable being vulnerable without any fear of toxic interaction when using the app


The project ran over 6 weeks


Our primary goal of the  project was to produce as many "useable" ideas as possible.


Throughout the RMO project, my role was team lead and UX designer. My time was spent heavily on research synthesis, workshop facilitation, and weekly planning 

Coordinating with the team I used the platforms listed below to work together meet deadlines, and communicate with our client as well as the project manager.


Weekly team call

Individual call on request



Team collaboration

Asset development

Workshop Facilitation

Wireframe development


Daily Stand up 

Weekly Strategy Comms


Project milestone tracking



To understand user needs there were two rounds of research.

The first was the synthesis of previous research and the second consisted of our own research.

Preliminary research detailed how the user would fill their day and what avenues they would explore when searching for advice on outfits

Further research focused on how the user would interact with others, what they feared when interacting with others and what methods they preferred to use when interacting online



Fear of personal attack within a public medium


A need for guidance and support during times of unsurety


A want of interactive tools found across different platforms to be unified in one place


During the research phase of the project two distinct personalities emerged through the synthesis of the raw data

Image of a girl "Sam" sitting on a chair wearing a white jumper and black pants.


Sam attends a high school where she mixes with different groups that have different tastes in fashion. She is confident in her fashion choices, but also appreciates positive feedback when she receives it.

Sam prefers to keep a private existence online and here is where she experiences her frustrations as she does not like to share with strangers.

Sam needs to feel she is up todate with her friends whilst being aware of whats happening in the social media space whilst also feeling safe.

Sam wants to feel good in what she wears, be able to post online without fear and also be a source others can come to for fashion advice.

Picture of a girl, "Amy" wearing a grey jumper and a rimmed hat.


Amy has a primary group of friends, but also socialises with many smallers groups on a regular basis. She loves to shop in groups, treating the practice as a social event.

Amy loves to be in the centre of what's going on, but also experiences frustrations as she feels the need to come up with new outfits frequently and experiences bouts of inspirational lows in her fashions choices.

Amy needs to feel she is being original and creative when selecting outfits, whilst also keeping up her daily outfit posts online.a

Amy wants to reach as many people online as possible, be able to afford the high end items she desires as well as monetising her social media content.



Privacy settings used by participants were repeatedly mentioned as a safeguard against bullying and protection of closed groups.


At present as emojis are the preferred choice of response, we may be able to encourage those who don’t engage as much online by using emojis over text


Pain points included the amount of apps a user managed, inappropriate content and hurtful/negative feedback


Guidance is valued, but the context of where it is sought and why it is sought is more important, it must come from someone the participant trusts


Ideaation saw the generation of 148

ideas during brainstorming and

crazy 8's sessions

To filter through the ideas we produced I facilitated a 2 hour workshop for 5 team members.

During the workshop, we would vote ideas through 3 different rounds arriving at low effort high impact matrix to decide on what would be used in our final delivery to our client.

Careful consideration of the user data and client brief lead us to focus on Safety and Security, User Engagement, Entertainment and Inspiration.a

Girl in pink bubble wearing a blue dress and white fluffy jacket.
There are different coloured circles with the following words in each circle:
Engaging, Interactive, Safe, Fun and Positive.


The ideas that have been bought to life focus on user safety, user interaction and entertainment

The "WDYT" think feature allows the user to send outfits to their selected source of users be it open or private or both.


Similarly, the "Inspire" feature allows the user to source ideas from a community of their choosing, providing the user with helpful information.

Security and Safety have been addressed by prompting security controls during the onboarding setup. The system is further reinforced through advanced options of community group, posting, and privacy filter settings.



Wireframe showing the "what do you think" function of the app design.

"What do you think?" tab

Allows the user to ask others opinions of their outfit.

Scrolling tabs identifying friends and groups currently active 

"Inspire" tab

Allows the user to see what others are posting as well as what the user's communities are posting as their own "outfit of the day".

The user may also respond to post via a emoji from their personalised emoji bank

Wireframe showing the "Inspire" function of the app design.

Safety and Security

Allows set visibility within their chosen community groups

The user also has the ability to read about the group culture before joining

Wireframe showing the "Safety and Security Optimisation" function of the app design.

"Outfit Creator"

Allows the user customise potetial outfits

Send to preferred contacts

Receive healthy feedback

Wireframe showing the "Outfit Creator" function of the app design.

Advanced security settings when posting providing the user with a safe environment they control

 Wireframe showing the "Advanced Security" function of the app design.

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